I'm with the Team

!Cada juego de tu equipo favorito si traes la camisa puesta y meten gol, se te invitara una cerveza bien fria! Te esperamos.

If you wear the jersey for your favorite team and they score a goal, you are invited to have a cold beer. We will wait for you.

Saturday night, M and I went to !Ay Jalisco! in West Sacramento for some carne asada tacos and to stain our lips red with gallons of their all-you-can-drink jamaica. We sat at a table beneath a television mounted to the wall and noticed this sign.

No game was on the television; no one had a jersey on, but it made me want to see Super Bowl Sunday or the Stanley Cup playoffs, or any futbol match in this joint.

I love the idea of being a part of the team, of earning a reward for camaraderie as if our ardent cheering has the power conjure a win.

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