This morning at Cafe Arabia, the place where I like to write, Juan said that he couldn’t believe I was already leaving. I agreed. He asked me if it was 12 midnight or in a few hours (as if twelve hours might make any difference).

He said that Oaxacans have a song for when someone heads off on a trip, a sad song. He said he and Toño and the rest of the gang at the cafe would dedicate this song to me.

La Golondrina

Adonde ira,
veloz y fatigada…
La golondrina
Que de aqui se va…

O si en el viento
se hallara extraviada,
buscando abrigo,
no lo encontrara…

Ave querida,
amada peregrina,
de corazon
al tuyo estrechare…
Oire tu canto,

O tierna golondrina,
Recordare mi patria y llorare…


The Swallow

Where does she go,
swift and tired,
the swallow
who goes from here…

Oh, if she finds herself lost in the wind,
looking for shelter
she will not find it…

Dearest bird,
beloved pilgrim,
take heart,
I will hold yours,
I will listen to your song…

Oh soft and tender swallow,
I will remember my country and cry.

One Reply to “La Golondrina (The Swallow)”

  1. Thank you for remembering here Narciso Serradell Sevilla and his beautiful “evergreen” song “La Golondrina” /in Mexico more known as “Las Golondrinas”, but also there are different versions, like “Adios Amor”, etc… Regards, collector of all available versions of “La Golondrina” world-wide /with more than 1.200 versions, and counting.

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