Fresa y Nuez (Strawberry and Pecan)

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Oaxaca was built for a photo safari, and to prove this I took M on a walk to the iglesia Soledad. Upon seeing its vast concrete plaza and stands, he immediately thought: hockey rink and began planning his return with hockey stick, puck, and in-line skates. He needed to know the word for puck. I explained that I think hockey is similar to baseball where most of the sport’s words: shortstop, catcher, pitcher are in English–except outfielders: jardineros (gardeners).

Among the other sights in this plaza are no fewer than six places to try Oaxaca’s delicious ice creams that are, as the name implies, both icy (sometimes with small chunks of ice and fruit or nuts) and creamy.

I had the nuez (pecan), my favorite Oaxacan flavor. It reminded me of maple syrup and had crunchy pecan halves. M had fresa (strawberry). It tasted as pink as it looks in the dish, not artificial pink, but intensely sweet.


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