Yesterday I returned to San Martin Tilcajete to say hello to some of the artisans who came to the dinner earlier in the month.

I started by stopping by Airyn’s place to see her and Benito and Joseph. Something was wrong with the truck, so Benito and Joseph weren’t around. I had a chance to catch up with Airyn and to meet her new helper. He’s a young guy who does the sanding for their pieces. He is, according to Airyn, a big help in getting more pieces done faster.

I also knew that there is a fair going on through the fifth, so we would have a chance to see even more of the artists and their work. They were all congregating in the basketball court in the middle of town.

The great thing about seeing work like this, side by side, is that it is easier to see what work is superior to others and what some of the distinct styles are. Some use more solid colors than others. Some use finer patterns and more intricate designs. Some are more into making a peso than creating a piece of art.

M bought a more traditional alebrije: a cobalt-hued jaguar head with delicate features. M roars every time he remembers it (in fact, tonight he jaguar-growled several times on the way to Casa Oaxaca, and people weren’t sure what he was doing).


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