Gozobi (God of Corn, according to Zapotec Mythology)

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Several months ago, I went to Gozobi to meet some friends for drinks. It was a particularly breezy night, but the rooftop dining area was gorgeous. After the tragic ending to our fancy dinner, I decided to lead M to this beautiful spot overlooking the sparkling skyline.

We watched people celebrating the first night of 2013 and enjoying the city from a distance. At one point, M said he knew he wasn’t in Sacramento (because it is far colder), but he wasn’t sure where he was anymore; it didn’t feel like the rest of the city I’ve been showing him.

Just as we were drinking the last of our coffees, we could see something, perhaps a home, go up in flames in the distance. The fire burned for fewer than ten minutes, and then it was as if there was nothing left to burn.

I asked the waiter if he thought it was a house; sadly, he said, “I believe it is.”



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