This piñata appeared at the top of the pedestrian pathway leading down to the Zocalo on Monday night. It was at the Cultural Tianguis. I find that every time I see a piñata I count to make sure it has the authentic seven points (for the seven deadly sins). I also find myself wondering not only what is stuffed inside (fruit or candy) but also whether it is made of clay. I just wanted to tap on this one to see if it was a maceta (pot) or papier mache. I would know just by the sound.

It has been delightful to see all sectors of the community: markets, cafes, museums, churches, individual residences, and so on… get into the spirit of the holiday. Where a tree is the center of our decorations, the nativity is the focus in Oaxaca. While we have Santa everywhere, they have Joseph and Mary or the three kings.

Where gifts are often the centerpiece of Christmas Day or Christmas Eve — or both, gifts aren’t the focus here, and they aren’t given until January 6, Kings Day, when the gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh.


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