One of the objectives of my piñata class was to prepare for some of the parts of the posada we had last night. Since the piñatas were done, we spent our last class learning the versos para pedir posada (verses to ask for lodging). We learned that this is a call and response activity that takes place at a variety of lodgings or through singing through a variety of windows and doors (if only one group is holding te posada). There is an afuera (outside group, holding candles and carrying the images of Mary and Joseph) and there is an adentro (inside) group that is intent on rejecting Mary, Joseph, and the Divino Verbo (a not-so-common metaphorical name for Jesus).

At the end of the call and response, the doors are open and we are delighted to receive these guests into our lodging. I was on the inside group, and by the end of the song I had finally figured out how to stretch the final syllable of the last line of each stanza. I’m ready for the next one.

Then, we broke the three piñatas. It was a dangerous event, but no one was hurt. Octavio commented that my nochebuena (poinsettia) looked more like a nave (space ship). He was write. Fortunately, it is officially broken now.

At the end of the night, we sampled ponche (yuck) and beans on toast with cheese (molletes and a little bit better than the poncho) and other sweets (including cookies that were super dusty).

My summary: go to a posada for the singing, welcoming, and piñata bashing madness. Skip the food.





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