Lesson 987 of the Week: You Can’t Run Away from an Ugly Piñata

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I skipped piñata class on Tuesday. I needed to stand in line for the bus ticket for nearly the entire class. And, part of me was hoping that someone else would finish the ugly poinsettia piñata that I had started.

I was horrified to realize that no one had touched it. Instead, they assembled the nacimiento on the front patio.

I returned to the painstaking process of creating something ugly made even more excruciating with dull scissors and an aggressively hot glue gun.

Our normally patient teacher, Cynthia, was urging us to finish the piñatas because today we need to learn to sing Mexican Christmas songs (Villancicos) in time for the posada at 6 tonight.

As a result, two people helped me to finish the green leaves and (somewhat) improve this flower we will happily crush tonight.


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