I went to see the weekly dance demonstration in front of the cathedral this evening. The music and dancers are spectacular. Typically I don’t get to see the whole program as I have been in the pueblo with the kids, but tonight was extra special as it is posada season.

In addition to the show, there were bonus prizes for the crowd. The organizers showered us with handfuls of candy as if we had cracked open an enormous piñata. Then, more surprisingly, they began tossing colorful plastic (Tupperwaresque) tazons (bowls) and large, gray, plastic cubos (buckets) out to the crowd.

I find it impossible to resist laughing (mostly out of horror) when someone falls or gets hurt, so I could be heard guffawing as one man was struck in the head by a large bucket. Apparently, Mexicans do not find these things funny.

As politely as I could, I asked the man next to me why bowls were sent out over the crowd. He said they were for soup at Christmas. And what the heck about buckets? They are for water. Of course.

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