Last Sunday I took a long walk on the way to the bus stop for the bus that goes to the Tlacolula market. Sundays are always quiet days, and so I enjoyed the silence as I walked through streets that are unknown to me. I never fear being lost in Oaxaca because there are always friendly people willing to give directions. (I have even had people walk with me as I was headed a place they deemed to be difficult to describe).

It was sunny and I had the baseball stadium as a reference point, and so I ambled about taking pictures of what I initially thought was a sprawling flower market and then realized was a cemetery with flower and headstone vendors around the perimeter.

I found an actual market (that I probably couldn’t find again) that, upon seeing the photo, Jesus seemed surprised I had stumbled across. In fact, he seemed suddenly interested in hearing about where else I had been. I wasn’t really sure. I could only show him the photos as I offer them to you here.





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