Second-to-last Class in Tlacochahuaya

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This is Abigail.

I have only one more class with the children of Tlacochahuaya. I am grateful for all of the stories and the joy they have given me, and I promise to return to them this summer. They learn with tremendous speed, and they have expanded my vocabulary and my understanding of their community.

They have had teachers come and go this whole year; they have welcomed them and sent them off. I do the same with each class I have, but there is something different here. It’s no puzzle.

None of them can pop into my office next semester during office hours. They cannot give me a call to tell me their latest success (how much they’ve learned along the way); they cannot email me or send a pigeon. Even a letter seems impossible. When we part on Wednesday, we will have to wait until we meet again. There is no sweetness to this sorrow, only hope that they will continue to flourish and find joy and fall in love with language and with each other (as they seem to do every other day). That is all I wish.

This is from Kevin; the cat’s name is Carlitos:

To practice our “to be” verbs, we have been working on sentences about our families (including our mascotas/pets).




I am grateful that they will learn for stars (so much more inspiring than grades):

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