As we arrived in Tlacochahuaya tonight, the basketball court (where the bull was loose about a month ago) was filled with muebles (furniture). How cool that there would be a furniture tianguis (farmers’ market). When I was a child growing up in the Palm Springs area (back in the early 70s), we did not have the malls or even grocery stores the desert has today. In fact, the Palm Desert Town Center (now a Westfield mall) didn’t arrive until 1983. There were JC Penney and KG Menswear, and a couple of other stores in Palm Springs (near the Market Basket — our closest grocery store) and there was a Sears catalog store, but for the most part we had to head to San Bernardino to buy clothing and other items (such as furniture). It certainly didn’t come to us as it had come to this town today.

Of course, my students thought nothing of this (just as they think nothing of the large herd of goats headed down the street, like clockwork, at 4 p.m. on Mondays).

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