This afternoon I was disappointed to find out that I had missed the celebrations for the Virgin of Juquila. I had heard fireworks early this morning, but I didn’t know why. So many celebrations happen here. I knew it wasn’t for a wedding or a more private celebration. The cahutes (fireworks) wouldn’t have been as loud.

Inquiring with Jesus, I learned that before seven this morning mariachi had played for the Virgin in the church. I have seen this one other time. It is a beautiful ceremony, and I am keenly aware of what I missed.

I know that Virgin of the Guadalupe Day is coming up on Wednesday (12/12), so I decided to make sure I have details. I don’t want to miss the parties. And, there are a couple of options for celebration. At the Church of the Guadalupe, on the 
north end of Llano Park, there will be children in costume and a carnival. Also, there will be a large procession in the afternoon and at nightfall (about 9:30) spectacular fireworks. And, in towns, such as Teotitlan del Valle, there will be parades celebrating the Virgin all day.

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