Tonight I went to see Emilio Cordero with the Oaxacan State Band at the beautiful and historical Teatro Macedonio Alcalá
on Independencia at 5 de Mayo. It was a beautiful program introducing a new CD titled: DIOS NUNCA MUERE. And, Cordero’s voice seemed to grow more powerful over the course of the show. He was captivating and generous with his gratitude to the Band and to the audience and to a sub-population of the audience to whom he offered specific shout outs and various points in the program. Speaking of a program, these are the songs that he presented: “Lindo Oaxaca,” “El Feo,” “La Llorona,” “Pinotepa,” Llévame Oaxaqueña,” Canción Mixteca,” “Naela,” “Xquenda,” “La Sandunga (a traditional Mexican waltz),” “Mañanitas Oaxaqueñas,” and “Dios Nunca Muere.”

The CD is a salute to Oaxaca, and I was grateful for the attention Cordero and the symphony put to these classic pieces. They have been recast to demonstrate that just as Dios nunca muere (God never dies) neither do these beautiful pieces.



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