El Museo Sale a la Calle – The Museum Goes out to the Streets

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This enormous doily arrived on the pedestrian street yesterday. I immediately recalled the lovely textile work of Vasconcellos from my visit to the Palace of Versailles in September. This exhibition is titled, EL ARTE DE BORDER LA VIDA, The Art of Embroidering Life. And, it is incredible the way the piece interacts with the public, drawing people beneath the net that, from a distance, looks more like a basketball hoop than something as detailed as a doily.

This art piece must be added to the list of things that would likely be impossible in the US. As a piece of public art, it is dangerous. Especially when foot traffic is high, such as during a parade, people can easily trip over the base. However, there are far greater obstacles to overcome on must streets. And, within the borders of the frame, beneath the “hoop,” one does feel “inside” something that is equal parts precious and large.

Finally, it is clearly a good idea for the museum to go out to the streets as this net does seem to draw them into the building.



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