Today I needed pickles, peperoncinis, and mustard, so I headed to the Subway I noticed on the Zocalo. The did have pickles (pepinillos) and mustard (mostarza), but my quest for peperoncinis continues.

I noticed that outside of Subway they have posted directions for how to order, letting people know they get to select the type of bread, cheese, and vegetables. I recognized instantly that this is why, at the torta (sandwich) shop around the corner, when I order in this manner people seem surprised or, at times, insulted that I might make suggestions to change their sandwich recipe. Another difference that shows how accustomed to the “have it your way” culture I am. I have been trained to be “especial” (particular along the lines of picky).

I watched the instructions sign the whole time I ate my 30-centimeter sandwich (which by the way seems a heck of a lot larger than a foot-long, but don’t count on me for the actual math). And, seriously, people stopped and read the sign before entering, preparing themselves for the experience. If the store front had been more than an-eighth of the size of other taco shops, I could’ve tried to figure out a way to overhear people ordering.



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