The Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) has a tree with small cards (like ornaments) featuring the faces of children that one can adopt for Christmas. Inside, the cards, one can learn more about the person. When I was in the OLL last night, I saw a woman and her son selecting several cards. They were discussing the candidates together and came to agreement together. It was a delightful process, and the young man was learning about the needs of some of his peers. I believe that instilling a spirit of giving is parallel to service, and it was good to see this lesson in action.

At the same time, on a more humorous note, this story reminded me of a conversation I had with Miguel at the Posada. One night he started, “Heather, you don’t have children, right?” I agreed. He then suggested, “The landlord here is connected to an orphanage. Maybe you should take some children home with you.” I know he was talking seriously about a serious topic, but the casual way he mentioned it was shocking and funny – as if they were souvenirs I could just pack in my suitcase. It is probably better for me to select a card or two from the Christmas tree.

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