I leave Oaxaca on January 5th. I have one month remaining. I have been thinking of this in terms of how many more hours of Spanish classes: 76; English classes: 2 more classes (because their winter recess begins 12/15); hours of talleres: 26, including finishing ceramics and starting painting and pinata making, and the list goes on. Knowing the numbers helps me to know what I have committed to do and pay attention to the time I am spending.

It also helps me to know I need to celebrate every minute I have. Two more classes with the children seems like too little, and the curriculum I am working on for them is best tested on them. I will have to work hard to anticipate their questions and problems. Now I can see when they are bored or excited,when something works or needs more work.

Jennifer gave me this picture tonight and it made me think about how growing up so far away — in Palm Springs — my birds were also a cluster of M’s and my shy sun would peek, as Jennifer’s, out into the world from the left corner of my drawings. We are not as different as some might try to lead us to believe.

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