Today in Spanish class we read something about a Spanish film director, Luis Buñuel. The incredibly challenging piece started off with a description, in gross detail, of how ugly he was and his important activism, and how bland he could be and he quietly changed the world. And, our homework was to write a descriptive piece about a notorious individual and to give as much detail as possible.

Mine follows. It is about the despicable leader of the teachers’ syndicate in Mexico.

When I was young, a woman named Tammy Faye Bakker and her greedy evangelist husband would appear on our television sets on Sundays asking for money to build their dynasty, to do God’s work. Even though I did not know the word, I knew these people were charlatans just from watching them on our tiny black and white television. Sometimes Tammy Faye would cry with such exaggeration that her eyelashes nearly washed away.

The Mexican version of Tammy Faye (I fear there are versions of her all over the world) is Elba Esther Gordillo, the leader of the teachers’ syndicate in Mexico.

Greed motivates her every word. And this plastic face, that is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s or Bruce Jenner’s ridiculous transformations, this stretched balloon knotted onto a grotesque body has uttered decades of lies.

This face has been carefully reconstructed to no longer blush or permit truth from her pores. It makes it seem impossible that she has lied for more than forty years. Far from a mistake, this grotesque skull is a weapon against the people of Mexico.

Not only does it show us how ugly she is inside, but perhaps it is also a warning to those of us unwilling to be accomplices to her crimes.

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