I saw this sign this afternoon as I was walking into San Martin Tilcajete from the highway. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the walk was quite peaceful. In a town with no movie theater, bowling alley, coffee shops, young people will find things to do.

This sign made me think of the crowded bus I had just been on and how the two teenagers that were practically stuck to me were making out and using the swarm of us to support their bodies. At one point, I had to remove the young man’s hand from my own body. He immediately offered, “Sorry” in English. Part of me felt that these adolescents had already had enough of my attention this afternoon. Another part of me wanted to laugh out loud as I recalled a conversation from Spanish class when we discussed public displays of affection. Our teacher said that people make out (and more) in parks because they want to respect the house. One student asked, “Why don’t they respect the car, the bus, the park bench?”

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