This morning, I got up early to get some breakfast before Spanish class. In the restaurant, they had the morning news on a couple of televisions. The elections in the EUA (Estados Unidos de America, USA) dominated the broadcast, and the only other news that even rivaled this coverage was that of New York’s gas lines. It was weird to see the EUA getting so much coverage.

What was even weirder was the incorrect map that they posted. As you’ll see, they switched the names that the colors represent.

People already usually look at me as if I am a strange stranger here, but when I jumped up to snap a photo of the television, they really stared at me.

In Spanish class, we talked about the election a little, about whether we had voted and why or why not. One person mentioned the electoral college as a reason she did not to vote. I felt the need to clarify for our Spanish teacher, explaining that, for me, this is a ridiculous excuse because in this election, in whatever state we live in, we are voting for far more than who will be our president.

Our teacher asked each of us who we preferred for president. We all agreed on the best candidate; we will have a lot to discuss in conversation tomorrow.

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