This afternoon, I was looking for a birthday gift for a friend. I went to several different artist collectives. In addition to their bright products, I was dazzled by their altars. I knew that I was fortunate to see them on the 6th of November. Like the collectives, much of the city is still decked out in Dia de Los Muertos. I can hardly wait to see what the city dons for the Christmas season.

More about shopping: The prices inside shops are, for the most part, fixed. The prices on the streets and in the markets are not fixed and can vary tremendously. I found a necklace this afternoon for 75 pesos in a shop. It was 20 pesos on the street. The same beads, the same findings, the same thing.

The shopkeepers vary only slightly in their word choices. They say “Pasale” to tell me to come in. They let me know I can ask about whatever I like. They call me guera, amiga, or, if they’re feeling formal, señorita.

Sometimes they start with a very high price because they think I might haggle with them.

I hate to wrangle. I’d rather do without.

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