This is a Monday during break from English class. These are some of my eleven kids. They are falling in love with each other (though they don’t know it yet). They enjoy each other (for the most part), share their toys and interests, and often fight to sit next to each other. They are rough with each other, but they are generous and loving. One of the boys asked me if he could have two extra suckers to give to two of the girls. Another of the boys is constantly drawing hearts. And, if I ask, “Another heart?” he will quickly erase it.

Part of me longs to know what happens longitudinally; where will they go from here? What wonders will they know in the vast lives ahead of them? I want to know the rest of the story.

Because I will be returning to the US for three weeks, I have been planning activities as if for a substitute. I consider leaving the person a few special instructions about each one, but whoever gets to take them on will know soon enough.

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