Friday after class I headed to the Oaxaca Lending Library to pick up some books for the classes in tlacochahuaya. They had a good selection of bilingual books. The limit on the number of books I can take out at a time is six. I wanted at least eight books, so I had to sit and take notes from a couple. I will get them on my next trip.

I found a good book of dichos/proverbs. I was surprised by some of the variations. For example, “Mas vale pajaro en mano que cien volando.” (A bird in the hand is worth a hundred in the air.) And, there were others I had never heard before: “No por much madrugar amanece mas temprano.” (Getting up at dawn will not make the morning come sooner.”) And, another new one: “Atascate ahora que hay lodo.” (Pig out while you have the chance.) And, two that share a similar sentiment: “Una abeja no have una colmena” (One bee doesn’t make a hive) and “Muchos pocos hacen un mucho” (Many littles make a lot).

I also found a book of poems with sections divided by Spanish-speaking country. Here’s a poem from Mexico by Antonio Granados:
Gajo de naranja

Un gajo de naranja (an orange slice)
es una luna encantada; (is an enchanted moon)
un gajo de naranja (an orange slice)
es una diminuta carcajada. (is a tiny laugh)

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