La Ultima Muneca

On Saturday night, the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca (ICO) will host a quinceanera for a family that has rented the premises for their celebration. We know the young woman’s dress will be purple because there are many purple decorations beginning to appear on the canopy and other items being constructed for the event. This tremendous canopy and construction of a dance floor led to our discussion of some of the traditions of the quinceanera here in Oaxaca.

The father of the fifteen-year-old will give his daughter a doll that looks similar to her and that is wearing the same dress. This doll is called the “última muñeca” (last doll), and she must return it to him to show that she is no longer a girl.

Her father will also present her with her first ramo de rosas (bouquet of roses). And, if she is the last daughter in the family, she also receives a corona (crown).

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