At the oxxo convenience store, before supplies were delivered by plane, the shelves were so depleted that I asked a clerk working what her plans were should the store  run out of cigarettes and sodas. They were already out of coffee and cups and energy drinks and milk and chips and gooey nacho cheese and many other items. The cooler had few items in it.

The clerk responded, “I will run.” I was pretty sure this was a joke, so I laughed.

While oxxo found itself unprepared for the enduring blockades, Soriana has a promotion the whole month of July where nearly everything in the supermarket– from cleaning supplies to dog food, from underwear to yogurt– is three for the price of two.

They have reserves of nearly everything.

Walking in the aisles, I am in awe of the impossibly gargantuan mountains of food leaning over me. Of course, I am reminded of Monte Alban’s breathtaking pyramids.

The other shoppers laugh at me for snapping photos–as if I take my job as tourist too seriously, but I am impressed by these fearsome bluffs.

We are in an active earthquake zone and could easily be buried in an avalanche of cookies or cans.


Ah, Tener­iffe!

–Emily Dickinson

Ah, Tener­iffe!
Retreat­ing Moun­tain!
Pur­ples of Ages — pause for you —
Sun­set — reviews her Sap­phire Reg­i­ment –
Day — drops you her Red Adieu!

Still — Clad in your Mail of ices –
Thigh of Gran­ite — and thew — of Steel –
Heed­less — alike — of pomp — or parting

Ah, Tener­iffe!

I’m kneeling still —

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