The Tailor in Sanchez Pascuas Market

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I wondered how far I’d gone with a giant (I mean gigantic) hole in my crazy-patterned pants and whether the fact that they were such a wild design and loose had helped — or hindered — me.

It was too late now. I was feeling exposed and foolish and exposed once again. No one had mentioned it, and I had covered miles of walking. Had anyone seen my exposed legs? Or bottom?

Did it matter that I’d spent the evening in the fancier neighborhood? No, I would feel foolish anywhere, especially as I presented my poor, loud pants at the tailor’s place in the Sanchez Pascuas market.  She didn’t ask any questions and only requested five hours and 40 pesos, approximately $2.35.

My experience of standing in her shop made me feel a little bit better about myself for a couple of reasons:

  1. My Spanish was good enough to get the job done.
  2. There were plenty of other ripped garments scattered about. I was not the only Hulk destroying clothes.

While this quiet tailor works in a quiet corner of a dark market that is up a steep hill (but is certainly not heaven), I thought of the Grimm’s tale: “The Tailor in Heaven.”

From “The Tailor in Heaven,” Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm–

“Oh, you scoundrel,” said the Lord, “if I were to judge as you judge, how would it have gone with you? I would have long since had no chairs, benches, seats, no, not even a stove-poker, but would have thrown everything down at the sinners. You can no longer stay in heaven, but must go outside the gate again. From there watch where you are going. Here no one metes out punishment, except for me alone, the Lord.”

  • Develop a character through a list of embarrassments and epiphanies that result.

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