Revision at the Speed of Evolution

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Photo: Nene, the Hawaiian Goose

I read Thomas L. Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution—and How It Can Renew America. I was impressed by his emphasis that we have to continue to do this work even though we will not see changes. To engage people in relatively (at least immediately) intangible activities, such as improving writing skills or changing the environment, can be daunting (even demoralizing) because it is difficult to notice evolution on a daily (or even annual) scale. Keeping this in perspective is essential. The greatest problems require the greatest faith in the solution.

*The assignment here is to look back at something you wrote a year or more ago and try to re-look at it. Does it still speak to you? Where can it be more concise/precise? Where does it need more sensory detail? How can you extend the essential metaphors?






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