When you are asked your favorite beach on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, you immediately think of Hapuna Beach– mostly because of its shave ice. Though you don’t have a real sweet tooth, you love this frozen treat after hours of absorbing the ceaseless waves.

As you climb the hill to the 3 Frogs snack shack, all you can think of is color: red, yellow, and purple (cherry and pineapple and grape). These three shades remind you of popsicles so melty-good you would never resist sucking the bright syrup from the plastic bag.  Of course, it is a tough decision because blue and soft pink (vanilla and coconut) taste like magic.  So does the blue one with the ice cream drizzle.  How many flavors is too many, you wonder as your straw shows you that red is the dominant dye, but your tongue says: grape wins.

And than you think maybe you should forget about the shave ice and instead describe the wide white beach, the fine, soft sand, how the waves wash into your own rhythm and follow you home.  There is something satisfying about the whole ritual, about afternoons spent in sun and wind and sweetness.

hapuna hapuna1 hapuna2 hapuna3

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