butterfly shrimp!

You do not eat seafood — unless you are on a coast or an island.  Then, as you savor it, you wonder why you do not eat seafood more often.

You smile into the plate of delicious coconut shrimp from Charley’s Thai Cuisine at the Queens Shops, off of Waikoloa Drive, and you see your smile reflected in the plate’s arrangement–and you smile bigger.  Your smile is so big it exceeds the plate.

Your husband looks at you, having known you for more than half of your life and wonders: Who is this woman eating seafood?  Who is this woman smiling and refreshed?  And then he remembers, you are his vacation wife.

One Reply to “Butterfly Shrimp”

  1. Was just one shrimp served on the plate of did you arrange it that way ? Nevertheless it does look like a smilie & you two are the ultimate soul mates !!! Happy traveling together the rest of your interesting lives , Vacation Wife !!! ;-}

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