Veterans’ Beach – Manini’owali Beach (Kua Bay)

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A friend once told you her favorite color is ocean blue.  And, you had an idea of what colors she wanted to see in the gift of a scarf or other souvenir you might select for her.

Absorbing the ocean blue of Veterans’ Beach, you think maybe this is your new favorite shade.

Thus, you dedicate an entire Tuesday to trying to figure out how you might describe this color to a salesman or painter, how to pin it down in stories.

Kelly Moore has approximates. It might be a mix of Swagger and Flamboyant. There is even a cousin named Hawaiian Vacation that might work when combined with World Peace. Sherwin Williams’s Blue Mosque and Hyper Blue and Nile are neighbors to this hue.

You can study the spectral coordinates of blue until you can hardly distinguish Rich Electric Blue from Aero; you can learn more about atmosphere and light.

But there is nothing like this saturation of your senses in the depths of ocean blue.

vetrans beach

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