cotton candy 1

At first, I didn’t really need to have any cotton candy.  I mean, I thought I knew what it tasted like and could relate to you the basics of how it melts on the tongue, sticks to the corners of lips, and, of course, delights small children.

Initially, I was not really dazzled by the way the pink and the blue floss made a stormy purple.

But, when M couldn’t resist, I pulled a piece of his thunder cloud, and I wanted more.

The just spun floss was slightly warm and irrestible.  The pink was vanilla; the blue was raspberry.  Together? I have a new favorite sweet flavor: purple.

We were so enamoured with the borrowed machine that, sitting at the party, we searched for a similar model on the internet.  We began calculating how many we’d have to sell and where to break even.  Could we sell cotton candy at our semi-annual pancake breakfast?  We’d buy it.

cotton candy

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