The thing I dislike most about traveling alone is that it is harder to get snapshots of the unsuspecting.

In addition to learning to cook in the Casa Crespo class, I reaped several other unanticipated benefits:

1. I learned the names of some of the fruits and vegetables I was not familiar with.  More importantly, I learned how one might break into some of these foods because the chef offered us samples of some of them.

2. I learned where the healers are in the market and recognized some of the herbal remedies enough to be able to find the healers again in the future.  I had no idea these services would be available in a mostly food focused market

3. I got some pictures of the locals at work.

I recommend, at a minimum, a guided tour of a market as a key to understanding more about all of the products and services available in one bustling space.

market5   market8 market9 market11 market12 market13market3

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