I love taking the bus out to the villages surrounding Oaxaca City.  I love knowing how to get the bus, the one that states Villas XOXO to Parque de Amor to the bus with Arrazola posted on the front.

I love the quiet of the town and how the people I am visiting seem to sense when I have arrived.

I love the serene pace of the visit with the townspeople.  This afternoon, we  watched Saul, the alebrijes artisan, carve a seahorse while Alma, his wife, and his middle daughter painted other sculptures.

I love the slow conversations we have.  In fact, as he carved, Saul told us about the history of the excavations of Monte Alban and how his grandfather is on record as being a part of the discovery of tomb seven, the tomb with the greatest quantity of gold and wealth.  As he explained how they dug into the earth and used a mirror to first see the glittering insides, he explained that there is history and there are the stories that are passed down from generation to generation (the real history).

Sitting in the shadow of Monte Alban in the warm quiet of the afternoon,  I know I need to return to the bustling city, but I linger a little longer.


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