Jurassic World

It rains here every Saturday afternoon, so after luxuriating in the lovely morning, I hop on a bus and head to the movies to wait out the rain and to practice listening to Spanish. As I have already reported, I tend to select films made for children in order to understand the vocabulary beyond basic plot.

However, the film I thought I was headed to see (a cute one about a cat that tries to convince people from buying a house while the owner is in the hospital) had been replaced by no fewer than six showings of Jurassic World, three films I’d already seen and some frightening clown movie called The Evil Clown.

I guess I was headed to see an action-packed summer blockbuster.  I sat between a small girl and M, from Phoenix.  Both were about as made for scary movies as I, but both literally jumped at scary parts which made me even more alarmed.

A couple of times, I know I audible said: Oh no! because the little girl’s eyes turned to me instead of the screen.

No matter the trials of translating, this was a scary movie.  It also was excruciatingly heavy-handed with its messages.

SPOILER ALERT: And, am I a bad person for wanting just one of the main good guys to die? One of the kids?  And, why not spare one of the bad ones? I dunno, although I grew up with the A Team and McGyver, maybe I’m tired of the good guys always escaping mostly unscathed, of the tidiness of it all.

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