The funniest part about the stove building is that the family we built the stove for was curious about us. The little daughter Jennifer Guadalupe, her brother Alexis, their father, his mother, and her father (Jennifer’s great-grandfather) wanted to see what we were up to and were often peering into the mold with us.

When my hands were clean, I was trying to snap some photos of their yard and their way of life. The matriarch explained that they grow garlic and that it sells for much more in Mexico City. In Oaxaca, they can sell five heads for 5 pesos. In Mexico City, one can by three heads for ten. I didn’t want to even try to explain how expensive it is in California–even though we grow garlic there. She also showed us how to plant the garlic teeth and get garlic from garlic that doesn’t sell in the city. They had two dogs. One named Winne and one nameless pup. The engineers suggested Poo. It didn’t seem to stick. They also had a dozen or so baby chicks.

At a neighbor’s house (she will get an oven tomorrow), she had two cows, pigs, turkeys, turkey chicks, chickens, a grouchy poodle-looking mutt, and a large male bunny who needs a girlfriend, according to the owner. The bunny is a pet. The rest are some part of the family’s food supply.

I enjoyed getting a sneak peek into people’s yards and lives.


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