I love going to the movie theater in Mexico and I love comedies and it was raining on Saturday. Melissa McCarthy’s new James Bond inspired film made me happy for many reasons. Primary among the reasons is that I could keep up with the humor and the plot. It is a lot to juggle in the dark, but I can laugh in most of the right spots and understand some of the hilarious nuances of character—including the incessant lies and antics of one of her colleagues, the outrageous disguises and backstories for McCarthy’s missions, and the effectiveness of abusive discourse in the face of a spoiled princess.

The next step in my education is to be able to listen, understand, and simultaneously predict the twists—and there were many in this underdog story. But I am still too preoccupied with the first two to be looking at foreshadowing and verisimilitude. Thus, I must continue to go to the comfortable Cinepolis to further advance my studies.

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