No matter how many pieces of laundry I put in the bag, the cost is 60 pesos, just over $4 a week, to have clean clothes.

I love picking up a bag of my expertly folded clothes, but it takes some careful planning.  Sometimes it is done in a day. Other times, it might take three, so getting dressed in the morning is more a game of counting socks and underwear as much as it is a consideration of weather.

I tell the guy upstairs of me about Mr. Klyn after I have seen him in the same green polo for nearly a week. He explains that he’s just learned the word for clothespin: (pinza), and he’s going to get some detergent (just put an e at the end of detergent) to use the slow, slow machine at the posada. It may take the whole day, especially with no dry and rain on the horizon, but he can’t wait for professionals.

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