I asked one of my fellow teachers if she ever wonders what the heck she is doing here in Oaxaca.  She said she starts nearly every day like this.

I had been feeling under the weather and had had little other than Gatorade and Pedialyte since I had seen her last.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel strong enough for the trek out to town and then for two hours with my rambunctious class, but once we got rolling, I felt fine again, stronger, as if I could eat anything.  I knew that was probably a myth, but when 6:00 came around, I decided, as normal, to linger and watch Tlacochahuaya’s traffic.

I still will have daily occasions that demand I consider why I am here.  And, then I will have moments like this evening.

Tlaco2 tlaco3 tlaco5

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