Tlacochahuaya and the Earwig (Tijereta) Episode

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My English students were out of control. As I tried to see which time could assemble English sentence the fastest, I learned several important things, including that I should perhaps never arrange the lesson as a competition between the girls and the boys. First, the girls are far superior. Second, and perhaps more importantly, they want to destroy each other.

As Miguel’s shoe was thrown off the porch and down a flight of stairs, I thought:

  1. How did Ariadna get the shoe off his foot and into Hannia’s hands and into the air with such speed. I hadn’t witnessed the act at all.
  2. Things couldn’t get crazier.
  3. Maybe they don’t need sugar incentives.

Then, an earwig fell onto the table and the real madness unfurled.

David flicked it at Ariadna. Ariadna picked it up and threw it at Miguel. Miguel tossed it into Hannia’s hair. She leaped across the table and threw it into David’s shirt. He started screaming as if she’d set him on fire. Miguel started punching David’s back to “kill” the earwig inside his shirt.

Some days the lessons are for them; other days they are for me.

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