The Interview

They literally asked me twenty questions. Some were more difficult to answer than others, including a place with folklore around it in the US. All I could think of was Area 51. They had heard of it. They also asked my favorite monument in the US. I literally went for monuments and thought of the new Martin Luther King statue on DC. I might have also told them about Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Arches, Yellowstone…

The interviewer, Alondra, said she is a university student and introduced me to her two friends. Separately, she said, “And this is Naomi, my sister.” I jokingly asked, “Oh, she’s not your friend?” The two agreed, not friends: sisters. Naomi ran the camera.

Not this exact scenario but similar scenarios play out at least once a week here. People approach me and ask to interview me for an English class. As I give out vital statistics, my age, my birthplace, my city of residence, my profession, I decide to go with just a little fiction as is certainly a part of most interviews.

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