Botana Oaxaca – Oaxacan Sample Platter

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A Oaxacan sample platter would not be complete without grasshoppers. Pork rinds are definitely another staple. And, Oaxacan cheese.

These, though, are not my favorite things Oaxaca has to offer. My favorite things here, include:

  • Fresh squeezed juice in Llano Park any day of the week
  • Tiny bananas (more yellow than brown) from the guy on the corner
  • Tacos arracheras in Llano Park on Fridays
  • Bocadillos de papas from the organic market
  • Café latte from Café Brújula
  • Mole sampler from Los Pacos
  • Sopa Azteca from La Biznaga
  • Costillas (Ribs) from El Quinque
  • Enormous Tortas Hawaiianas from D’Villatores
  • One slice of mushroom pizza from Rustica
  • Hamburgers (with my own handful of pickles I seriously will bring in a bag because most Mexicans think pickles are disgusting) from a hamburger stand

The list grows almost daily.

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