The It’s About Time Time Capsule

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My Spanish teacher told me that I was to write about a time capsule (una capsula del tiempo), but that I should lie and put in fantastic things that do not exist in this time.

She said it was a way to reinvent the world now for a future generation.

En la capsula

Un arnillo poque todos los amdos gays se pueden casar en estos tiempos.

Una pluma porque nosotros, sin excepción, son alfabetizados.

Un monadero porque todos tienen bastante dinero.

Una llave porque todos nuestros niños tienen un lugar seguro para dormir.

Un libro porque todos los maestros han regresado a sus aúlas.


In the Capsule

A ring because gay lovers could marry in these times.

A pen because we are all, without exception, literate.

A coin purse because we each have enough money.

A key because all of our children have a safe place to sleep.

A book because all of the teachers have returned to their classrooms.

I read out my piece awaiting correction, and my kind teacher said, “Oh, that worked better than I expected.”  I thanked her for her enthusiasm and explained politics (of the teachers here in Oaxaca and the pending Supreme Court decisions) had me looking at ways our now could be improved.

Today, we celebrate the landmark and long-awaited decision that legalizes same sax marriage in the United States! Maybe this capsule in not so full of fantasy after all!

One Reply to “The It’s About Time Time Capsule”

  1. Like your time capsule & I think everyone is really pleased with today’s Supreme Court Decision re: Gay marriage , and definitely a surprise as to the timing after Gavin Newsome’s proclamation on gay marriage in SF !

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