The teachers have taken over the zocalo.  Camped out in tents, they fill the space, but no one is sure what they want.  It has been so many years, no one seems to care.

They let the students out for the entire first week of June to ramp up their efforts.  The highway to Tlacochahuaya  was a crawl on Monday night because although they are not technically blockading the highway,  they have made one lane on each side a parking lot.

During their week off, they camped out along the highway, in fields, alongside ranches, by the Pemex plant.  There were rows and rows of canopies.

From the bus, it appeared to be a sprawling flea market early in the morning, but it is unclear what they wanted us to buy.

Maybe they were meeting to make a message.  Maybe they returned to their posts well-rested. Maybe the children hardly noticed this disruption.

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