The Crowded Zocalo and the National Guard

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The zocalo has, as the would say here, un montón (a heap, a pile, a load) of people and tarps. There’s a lot of standing around or sitting around. I think these teachers are just trying to fill as much space as they can to show they have “taken” the grounds at the governor’s building here in the capital. They don’t march. There’s no message. Just occupation.

Mari confirmed what I had read; the National Guard arrived to try to maintain a safe election. She said she saw some uniformed men on her bus as she came to work at the posada this morning.

And, I have seen planes in the sky again, mostly military planes and helicopters.

Maybe there will be an election. Maybe the teachers will go back to their classrooms on Monday. Maybe.

Oaxaca, zocalo, election, National Guard, teachers

One Reply to “The Crowded Zocalo and the National Guard”

  1. A peaceful demonstration of solidarity yet appears the threat of military action – very intimidating !

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