orange tree

Of course the easiest part of the harvest has already been completed, but this orange tree is still half full of the sweetest fruit.

Here, in Sacramento, the sky is half-spring already–though it isn’t even Groundhog Day yet. And, we, in California may not be able to remember whether we want Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow when he emerges from his burrow (we want him to see his shadow for six–or more–weeks of winter), but we know we need rain and lots of it.

Half of the academic year has come and gone.  We start week three of the Spring 2015 semester on Monday, and we will be half-way to summer before we even realize it.

My courses are overflowing and in that state where the excitement of a new semester has all of us nervous and uncertain of how things are going to work out.  Even this is only half bad; this discomfort keeps us from being too complacent, keeps us on our toes so that we can harvest the sweetest fruits.

Speaking of harvesting, the creative writers will again have blogs:

Please sample what they have to offer, like them, follow them, and tell your friends.

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