“Every [hu]man should be allowed to love two cities, his own and San Francisco.” –Gene Fowler

I beg to differ.  Why just two?  Why not court and then fall in love with as many cities as the heart can hold?  How would I even choose which city I call my own?  Is it the desert city of my birth?  The university town where I received my education?  The coastal hub where I matured into an independent adult?  Is it the urban center where I purchased my first house?  Or is it Kona, Oaxaca, San Francisco, and the other cities that my heart longs for during certain seasons of the year?  What about all of the cities I have yet to explore enough to know for sure if I am in love yet?  What about the places I have yet to go?

Gene Fowler, why should we settle for just two?




One Reply to “San Francisco”

  1. Never thought of it quite like you have. My favorite city has always been San Francisco. My favorite town, Sedona, AZ. As for other cities and towns throughout the world, I’m going to have to reconsider and re-do my list!

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