bluebutterfliesImagine that it is a hot afternoon, the type of weather that almost automatically makes you want to throw yourself down on the shady bank of a small creek, under the bridge your lover is measuring for a client.  But before you find a shady spot to laze in and listen to the near stillness of your surroundings, you notice that, with almost every step you take, a cloud of light blue butterflies is stirred into commotion at your feet.  This constellation of blue is no higher than your shins and moves frantically so you do not crush the entire colony.  Suddenly, there is no safe place to sit.  Even more, you cannot resist the urge to disturb these otherwise (practically) invisible creatures.  So, you find yourself, despite the temperature, pacing the bank, crossing one side of the creek to the other: butterflies.  Crossing back: butterflies. Pacing, sweating: butterflies!

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