taxidave2At a wine pairing dinner, the couple to M’s left arrived in a taxi.  Not knowing that there’d be more to the story, we commented that we were impressed by their planning and commitment to the evening’s beverages.

This chatty duo shared that, after a different dinner featuring a couple of cocktails and some wine, they passed through a DUI checkpoint, and ever since they take a cab.  That wasn’t the real story though.

The real story was about their chauffeur who’d entertained them with his rapping and other extraordinary tales.

Thus, following the meal, we decided to wait outside the restaurant to steal a glance at their driver.  He turned out to be more of a celebrity (and character) than our dinner  companions suggested.  He is Taxi Dave, of Tosh.O fame.  He even was featured in a web redemption segment:

Of course, we didn’t identify him as a star without his assistance.  But, with Dave’s prompting, we realized that we were indeed familiar with his rapping talent.

And, there he was outside of the restaurant informing us of, among other things, the fact that he’s single.


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