My favorite restaurant in China Town is Lucky Creation, on Washington St., in San Francisco. A hole-in-the-wall spot that specializes in vegetarian Chinese food, particularly mushrooms in a clay pot and “meat” dishes made from gluten, this spot may not look or even sound appealing. But some days I daydream making the drive from Sacramento just to have an order of pot stickers and a bowl of wonton soup. Mmmmm.

Although the tables are crammed into the small floor space, the community table is the place to be.  I have learned some of the best tips from regulars, such as the only way to put sauce in a pot sticker that accommodates even my mediocre chopstick skills and the best ratio of vinegar and soy for dipping.

Let’s say gluten meat and piles of vegetables don’t sound appealing to you, the altar at the back of the dining room is captivating.  Amplified by a mirror on the back wall, it features Guanyin (aka Kwon Yin), the goddess of mercy and compassion, fruit, and flowers. The proprietors are especially pleased when tourists appreciate their loving tribute to their ancestors.

Sweet and Sour Pork


Pot Stickers


Lunch Crowd


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